develop, publish and manage complex hierarchical content and instructions

tools and processes to develop, publish and manage digital archives


  • platform
  • system architecture
  • an integrated suite of open-source tools
  • for the development, publishing and management
  • of complex hierarchical content

  • establish the architecture of the archive

  • structure • logic • style
  • and the instructions that bring it to light

  • achieve mastery in all practices required for the above by understanding what we are actually doing

Dynamic Knowledge Repositories

  • Douglas Engelbart

build a platform for developing, publishing and managing numerous archives of complex hierarchical content and instructions adopt fundamental open standards and free software

Extensible Customizable Archive Of Information and Instructions

An instrument for creation PHOTON platform arises out of requirements of phi ARCHITECT's work

create a facility for ideas to come to fruition as easily as breathing

  • comprehensive platform
  • full stack - from OS to all the tools necessary

no longer think about the tools themselves, only the way they are played.


make order and organization integrated into the framework

  • Uniformity
  • Information
  • Instructions
  • Awareness
  • Fundamental in Nature

Goals : 3


Recognizing the truth at hand

  • the givens for the system
  • the context for the operations
  • understanding the inherent order


refining processes to achieve mastery

  • Practices are the necessary things we do to make things happen.

  • We seek to make these practices the best possible.