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PHOTON platform

tools for content development, publishing and management

The PHOTON platform is an integrated system of open source components and online services for the development, publishing and management of content.


develop, publish and manage complex hierarchical content and instructions

tools and processes to develop, publish and manage digital archives


  • platform
  • system architecture
  • an integrated suite of open-source tools
  • for the development, publishing and management
  • of complex hierarchical content

  • establish the architecture of the archive

  • structure • logic • style
  • and the instructions that bring it to light

  • achieve mastery in all practices required for the above by understanding what we are actually doing


Recognizing the truth at hand

  • the givens for the system
  • the context for the operations
  • understanding the inherent order

We operate in contexts

choice of operations is based on the context

  • only certain information and operations can exist in certain contexts
  • this creates focus

Establish Order

The architecture that holds it all together

  • set of principles
  • relationships between well defined elements within a system
  • Define the model

Apply Structure Style and Logic


Identifying repeatable forms or functions withing a system

Examine the entities within a system and what they do.


The reason we bother with all this stuff

Content is the information we want to share with the world

Data Model

What are the entities in the content as well as their attributes and relationships

the fundamental entity of our content model is the article. All other entities extend from article.

The Article

the fundamental unit of content

Articles are nodes within our data system

Fundamental attributes for almost any block of content


systems for storing and presenting the content

Organizing content into discreet Articles

Extending articles to represent more specific types of data


Prescriptions for ordering content of certain types

photon is working to integrate schema from when possible

Project A

gantt section Project A bid :a1, 2019-01-01, 30d award :after a1 , 20d

Achieve Mastery

hone your craft

Through knowledge and practice, we seek to turn that which is hard today to that which no longer concerns us

This can be daunting considering the number of disciplines involved

Centralize Content

Seek one set of content for all target outputs and third party sharing.

  • maintain content independent from target implementations

Reduce Code Languages

limiting the number of languages in your toolset will allow for a deeper dive in each

Every language implies numerous elements of knowledge, configuration and practice

Navigate Hierarchies

All systems are composed of hierarchical systems - learn to move in this realm

  • understanding the nature of tree-like hierarchical ordering systems is critical to system design
  • true of structure logic style
  • set logic
  • iteration

Self Describing

All knowledge required for operating the system is contained within

  • Eliminate dependence on internet based references
  • If done right, the system should be self documenting


refining processes to achieve mastery

  • Practices are the necessary things we do to make things happen.

  • We seek to make these practices the best possible.

Flow Content

understanding the process for bringing ideas into production

  • generate develop produce

Develop Locally

Never make changes on a live production server

  • Create a system that is configured as close as possible to your production environment

Master Package Management

Software today is primarily a collection of packages that provide a specific set of functionality

  • Everything is hierarchies
  • Manage the Package List - not the Packages

Separate Architectural Concerns

develop structure, style and logic of content independent of each other

The best practices for organizing information have nothing to do with the subsequent rendering and processing

Codify Content Types

Hierarchy of use templates and styles to transform the content set into numerous output

Create content once and configure photon to generate all necessary artifacts

Document Everything

Do not underestimate the frailty of memory

  • Systems that are well organized should be self documenting
  • Simple indexes and graphs
  • Tags

photon BOOK

tools for developing, publishing and managing complex book content

publish to web or print


tools for developing, publishing and managing a public portfolio

Career artists can have thousands of pieces in their portfolio.


develop • publish • manage

  • Research Aggregator
  • Creation Capture
  • Production Studio
  • Publishing House


capturing workflow and instructions

  • languages
  • syntax
  • compilation
  • scripting
  • best practices
  • libraries
  • editor enhancements


Opening the universe

In the past, we were compelled to reach the uncharted parts of the world. Now the Internet is the greatest mystery - filled with knowledge and creation


Audio / Video Capture and Production

  • Integrated Workflows


Produce and Capture Motion Graphics and Content Sequencing

  • script driven animation platforms
  • frame capture to video


Music Sequencing and Generation

  • DAW, synths and scripting


transform your work into consumable formats

Publishing is the art of transforming work into a form that can be consumed.


System Initialization, Configuration

This is the heart of the PHOTON platform


File and Media Management Images, Audio, Video

  • hierarchies
  • browsing large sets
  • search
  • indexing
  • selection
  • bulk operations
  • metadata
  • editing
  • compilation


structure • logic • style

  • establish platform
  • judicious constraints
  • integration of tools
  • standards
  • management
  • protection


physical components of the system

  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Cameras
  • Mics
  • Printer / Scanner


Linux Operating System

  • File System
  • Applications
  • Command Line
  • Configuration
  • Package Management


Source control and versioning

  • version control
  • track changes
  • development branches
  • sync to online repositories


highly configurable text editor

  • composition and workflow


HTTP Server

  • Hosting Service
  • Local and Production Environments
  • Multiple Sites
  • Command Line Tools
  • Site Config


File-based Content Management System

  • Flat File Content Storage
  • Markdown / YAML format
  • Plugins and Themes
  • Package Management
  • TWIG templates
  • PHP / Symfony Framework
  • Asset Management
  • Image Sizing


Primary Interface to Content

  • Rendering
  • User Experience
  • Developer Tools
  • Testing


headless chrome for capture

used primarily in conjunction with timecut and timesnap to capture browser-based animation


images, video, audio

  • bitmap images
  • vector graphics
  • video files
  • audio files
  • animations
  • fonts


simple x image viewer

  • fast display of a set of images
  • allows selection to pass to next process
  • keybindings and custom handlers


command line media player

  • launch audio and video files from command line
  • playlists
  • good keyboard control
  • scriptable


digital camera tools

gPhoto2 is a free, redistributable, ready to use set of digital camera software applications for Unix-like systems, written by a whole team of dedicated volunteers around the world. It supports more than 2700 cameras and media players


eye of gnome

  • gnome image viewer
  • will display svg


Open Source 2D-CAD

LibreCAD is a free Open Source CAD application for Windows, Apple and Linux. Support and documentation are free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers.


  • Repository Manager
  • Package Installer
  • Snap, Pip are also used in a few cases


Fuzzy Finder

this is everywhere and I love it.


specifications and instructions for structure, style & logic

Specifications for

  • Syntax
  • Grammar
  • Standards
  • Composability
  • Modularity


scripting commands for Bourne Again Shell

  • GNU Bash Standard


Hypertext Preprocessor

  • foundational language for Apache and the Grav Platform


Hypertext markup Language 5

  • Semantic structures for content

  • Accessibility

  • Markdown

  • TWIG

  • Emmet


simple syntax for common html patterns + frontmatter

Abstracting the simplest HTML elements that we use for common writing


foundational typesetting markup language

  • still important for understanding math typesetting


Cascading Style Sheets

  • provides settings for styling and animating HTML


Sass Scripting Language

Facilitates the structure of css documents which can be tedious and repetitive


facilitates writing HTML

uses css like specifiers


Hierarchical Structured Content

  • used for config and markdown frontmatter


Metadata for Media

place to store metadata related an image


regular expressions

embedded within many platforms and languages


Scripting and configuration language for the vim editor

  • hugely customizable around all aspects of generating and maintaining text files


the master format for most markup languages

understanding the fundamentals of XML will facilitate other languages like HTML, SVG


embedded scripting language for many platforms

  • Darktable -

C / C++

core language

I have been avoiding this language for a long time.


software components to add functionality

  • Rendering
  • Animation
  • Calendar
  • Print Support


php library for grav functionality

Can be driven from the command line


Command and Console component libraries

excellent platform for more robust command line interactivity and processing


interfaces to external functionality

  • Hosting
  • Backup
  • Email Marketing
  • Webmaster Tools


Online Storage and Collaboration

  • Online storage
  • Collaboration
  • Issue Management


newsletter and email marketing software

  • subscription management


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